World's first NFT Platform with the concept of futures

Innovative Mint Now Fill Later (MNFL) concept pioneered by

Create NFT Collection For Your Arts

Set up your wallet
Once you’ve set up your wallet of choice, connect it to Mintgle by clicking the wallet icon in the top right corner. Find out more about how to Set Up Wallet.

Create your collection
Click Create Collection and set up your collection. Set the name, pledge, total number of NFTs, initial mint fee and permanent royalty rate of the collection.

Mint & Sell
Share your collection to your fans. They can mint NFTs in your collection. Minted NFTs can be listed for sales. Multiple modes of sale are available to choose from.

Add NFT media
Based on your pledge, add NFT media into the collection any time. Media is randomly assigned to any unfilled NFT. Only creator can add media & each NFT can only be filled once.

Mintgle Solution

The FIRST Omni-chain NFT Platform powered by Layer0 Technologies
Feature 01
The FIRST NFT Platform with Soul Bounded Token (SBT) for creators.
Feature 02